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I am a visual artist who employs methods of transformation, copying and sampling to collect my artistic material. My work alludes inter-culturally to common frames of reference within film, music, literature, and proceeds from already existing material within popular cultural science and science fiction. This is the starting point for my creation of and examination into alternative realities, applying various approaches around dramaturgy, information transformation, and social critique. During the last ten years, my practice has centred around an investigation into how science fiction can be applied within contemporary art.

I see sci-fi as realm of history that runs in coexistence with our actual history and reality and which speak of an alternative, a change and perception of the unexpected. Sci-fi is narratives about us and about how we relate to each other through time and space.

What have we done? What to do now? What to do in the future? In Sci-fi literature our need to understand and interpret the world around is addressed from a string of angles; from a human outlook, morally, politically, technically etc.

Sci-fi is an expression of our ideas and thouhgts about the times we live in and about the evolution of these times into future scenarios. To make use of this artistic base and gives endless possibilites to scrutinize and criticize contemporary society from alternative ends.

I use sci-fi as an act of resistance not as escapism, but rather as the offer of an alternative world and possibility to change the face of present realities. Fictive worlds I believe can help shaping reality.

I have exhibited both in Sweden and internationally. I also works as a curator and runs the publishing company – Sci-fi is for Real, publishing art-zines.

My new ongoing work is not about technology per se, nor is it about the problems we face in a digital society and a virtual world. It’s not about AI and robots. Rather, it is an attempt to work with and in the gap between the human emotions and the virtual. The starting point is our present relationship (both in popular culture and science ) with AI, robots and the internet, but also a mirror image or a p.o.v from www that looks back at us humans. And the digital world as a mental and physical place for the projection of dreams and fantasies. I would say through the way that I work with my art, right now. That Im interested in high tech but with a low tech approach to it all.

/Niklas Wallenborg, august 2020

DIGITAL LOVE** The act of foreseeing *Sci-fi is for Real * SPACESHIP EMPTINESS (The sky used to be more)*Outer space as Public Space* Image of a Collapsing Earth *Still here ?* (of the heart) *Low-Life, High-Tech* The Life and Death of the World Wide Web *Everlasting (never-ending) Sunrise/Sunset * Time will tear us apart and draw us together *Utopia – Our own fantasy will be the Revolution* Karl Marx is Dead *How I learned to stop worrying and love the end * Predicting the Unfuture * Sci-fi a family dinner* THE ARCHIVE OF EXPERIENCE OF SOUND DURING A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE FIRST KIND *Hello! I’ve been looking for you. If you are there, please pick up and talk to me.* Utopia Now *The UFO experience * GOD IN THE MACHINE * The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel or Fifty-seven channels and notin ́on. * SPACE BLANKET/SURVIVAL BLANKET * Tokyo *

The Average Color of the Future according to Sci-fi movies 2000-2020 ( aka ”The End of Eternity and There Will Be Time” )

Based on screenshot from trailers on Youtube, 144 Science Fiction movies released between 2000-2020 and with settings beyond the year 2020