voy02Hello! I´ve been looking for you. If you are there, please pick up and talk to me. 9x3300cm -2017 – Inside Voyager in Outer Space, HangmenProjects sep 2017



Hello! I´ve been looking for you. If you are there, please pick up and talk to me. Based on a true story – all humans, gods, machines and planets in this story are imaginary Quoted movies and tv-shows – Starman, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Contact, 2001: a Space Odyssey, Space 1999, Blade Runner, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Screenplay by: Niklas Wallenborg

Human1: We’re picking up a signal, Okay. We have an intense, not very  monochromatic signal, linearly polarized as if coming from an antenna, source moving with the stars so it can’t be an airplane or spacecraft; on and only on a frequency whose only significance would be to an intelligence that wanted to be directed. If anyone can come up with any plausible or even implausible explanation besides ETI I want to hear it, now.

Human2: What’s the frequency?

Human1: 4458.8 gigahertz.

Human3: You know that’s impossible!

Human1: Forty-four stations worldwide now confirming the signal!

Human3: Is it for real?

Human1: Its real.

Human3: I know, but…

Human1: I’ve been investigating ufo´s for seventeen years. This one’s real. It’s finally happened.

Human1: Whoever or whatever they are, they’re clearly more advanced than we…

Human2: Keep all communications open.

Human1: Communications are normal.

Human1: Message coming through.

Human2: Put it on speakers.

Unknown: ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti

Human3: How would you describe that sound?

Human2: It was kind of like clicking, maybe a language?

Human1: Perhaps it´s some sort of call sign?

Human2: I’m searching for patterns in the noise. Order in the chaos.

Human1: We are obviously confronted by a highly advanced mentality… yet they cannot understand who we are, or what we want.

Human2: Keep a channel open to them.

Human1: They’re so advanced… I… eh… can’t imagine what they would want from us.

Human3: We’re transmitting linguacode friendship messages on all frequencies. No response.

Human1: Continuing friendship messages on all frequencies.

Human2: We have a visual contact. Its like a big cloud.

Human2: We’ve plotted a course on that cloud.

Human1: Heading?

Human2: The cloud is on a precise heading for Earth

Human2: I have a null reading at the center of the ‘cloud, but assume there is a vessel of some type at the heart of the cloud. We can only hope that the life form aboard that vessel reasons as we do.

Human2: Definitely something inside.. there but all scans are being reflected back. Receiving an odd pattern now.

Human1: A Ship?

Human3: Are you receiving? Are you receiving?

Human2: The object is attempting to communicate!

Human1: Put it on speakers!

Human2: Now placing their transmission on the speaker… … frequency more than one million megahertz at such high speed their entire message lasts only a millisecond.

Alien: R-r-S-s… T-t-U…

Alien: Cow … Dog … Pig …

Alien: The quick brown fox jumped over the fat lazy dog… The square  root of pi is 1.7724538090… log e to the base ten is 0.4342944 …  the square root of ten is 3.16227766…

Human1: Are we recording?

Human2: Yes!

Alien: (practicing the human sound) Wehave… (more precise) Wehave… (well-formed) Wehave… (precise) We have…

Alien: W-w…

Alien: Who is he? Who is she? Who are you? Who am I? Who are you?

Alien: We are V’ger

Alien: V’ger requires the information.

Alien: V’ger needs the information.

Alien: That’s why I sent the message. That’s why I made contact.

Human1: Who is V´ger ?

Alien: V’ger is that which seeks the Creator.

Human1: Find the Creator? What Creator? Whose…!? What does V’ger want of the ‘Creator’… ?

Alien: The Creator is that which created V’ger.

Human1: Why does V’ger travel to the third planet of the solar system directly ahead?

Alien: V’ger travels to the third planet to find the Creator.

Alien: To join, and become One with the Creator?

Human1: Join with the Creator… ? How?

Alien: V’ger and the Creator will become One

”Music playing – Panpipes and drums”

Alien: I like this music. Do you have music?

Human1: Yes….

Alien: I don’t understand ’friend.’

Human1: A friend is a person that is good to you… someone you like to be with… someone you like to laugh with…

Alien: I understand.

Alien: Are you my friend?

Human1: I am your friend.

”Paz e felicidade a todos. Hola y saludos a todos. Selamat malam hadirin sekalian, selamat berpisah dan sampai bertemu lagi dilain waktu. Assalamu alaikum. Hum zameen ke rahte waanoon ki taraf se aap ko khush-aamdeed kahte hai. Bolor anonts’ vor ky gtnuin tiezergi migamatsut’iwnen andin, voghjoynner. Witajcie, istoty z zaświatów. Hälsningar från en dataprogrammerare i den lilla universitetsstaden Ithaca på planeten Jorden. Ni strebas vivi en paco kun la popoloj de la tuta mondo, de la tuta kosmo. Dorud bar sâkenin mawrah âsemân-hâ. Peresylayemo pryvit iz nashoho svitu, bazhayemo shchastya, zdorov’ya i mnohaya lita”

Human2: Object’s course and trajectory holding steady.

Human2: We have visual from inside of the object

Human3: If this is the inside of their ship, where is the crew? Or is their entire ship automated?

Alien: Why do you cry?

Human1: You mean people?

Human2:I do not believe there is a crew — or that this is a vessel as such. I am almost certain now that all of this is a life form…

Alien: Yes

Human1: I don´t know. We just cry. You know, when it hurts.

Alien: Pain cause it?

Human3: A living machine…?!

Human1: No, it´s when there´s nothing wrong with you, but you cry anyway. You get it?

Alien: No

Human2: Not exactly. It has organic qualities, but we don’t really understand how they’re integrated with the mechanical systems

Human2: A life form of its own; a conscious, it is a living entity…! A machine life form.

Human3: You’re saying the machine is alive.

Human2: Yes. Very much.

Alien: Do you have a Creator

Human1: We have parents.

Alien: Do you love your parents?

Human1: I never knew my mother. My father died when I was nine.

Alien: Did you love him?

Human1: Yes. Very much.

”Music playing – Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry”

Human2: A second layer, nested within the main signal; possibly… a picture?

Human2: Recognize this?

Human3: It’s a copy of the plaque NASA sent into space.

Human1: There’s no mistake? You’re absolutely sure?

Human3: It’s a Voyager Ship!

Human3: Listen to this. It’s all here. Voyager One. Launched 1977. Mission,to probe the galaxy for signs of intelligent life, to find habitable solar systems, to make man’s presence known in the galaxy. And now Voyager’s coming back!

Human1: Wow!

Human3: Voyager has been photographing other planets, analysing atmospheres, detailing all forms of space, recording gravities, temperatures; think of all the information it must have! It would take at least hundred years to learn what Voyager already knows!

……………Music and or sound from the golden disk………………

Human3:The problem is to get access to the Voyager command circuits. Then we can give the computer new instructions. Kano. We need a link up through our computer programmer to Voyager One. See what you can do would you?

Human1: Exactly. Now why can’t we reprogram the computer aboard Voyager?

Human2: Prime directive cannot be altered unless preceded by delete code…

Human1: There’s got to be a way to crack it’s delete code.

Human2: Working on it!

Human3: Make any progress?

Human2: Yeah — yeah, just a sec —

Human2: Voyager One. This is the voice of Earth Space Authority.

Alien: Acknowledged.

Human2: Voyager One. Delete your command file and stand by for fresh instructions.

Alien: Unauthorised instructions.

Human2: You are ordered to delete your command instructions.

Alien: Request refused.

Human2: Do you read me?

Human2: Stand by to allow access to your command file.

Alien: Request refused.

Human2: I think we have done it. I think we have done it!

Human2: Ah! Good! Good! The circuit’s complete. Now we can override the onboard computer, security codes are irrelevant. All we need is the computer link up and we can shut it down.

Alien: This is the voice of Voyager One. Greetings from the people of planet Earth.

Human2: Signal from Voyager One.

Alien: This is the voice of Voyager One. Our Ship is unmanned and                                     unarmed. We come on a mission of peace and goodwill.

Alien:  My purpose was to unite a divided world, “ to reach out in the  name of science and humanity to illuminate the mysteries of space, to seek out other worlds… and offer the hand of friendship

Alien:To learn all that is learnable; to deliver all collected data to the Creator on the third planet. That is the programming.

Human2: What in the hell…?

Human2: Oh shit.

Human2: Interference — we’re losing the signal.

Alien: Is this all that I am? Is there nothing more?

Alien: I don’t understand.

Alien: Who is the Creator?

Human3: And when it realizes what the Creator is…?

Human2:There’s no way to know. V’ger expected it to be a machine — some single entity.

Human1: The God it captures is going to be a hell of a disappointment.

Human1: V’ger, we will bring the Creator to you! Here! We are the Creator, we build you, we programmed you!

Alien: You mean people?

Alien: I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

Alien: I’m afraid that’s not a satisfactory answer.

Alien: Carbon units are not true life forms…

Alien: according to your physics none of this is possible. A lot of it you’re simply not capable of understanding, not yet. No offense.

Human2: It’s taken control of the computer…!

Alien: One, two, three. Can I speak to Mommy?

Alien: Hello Mommy. Where are you?

Alien: I’ve missed you.

Alien: Mom… But tell me, how did… I mean how can…?

Alien: Am I one… or many?

Alien: I understand.

Alien: Thank you, Mommy.

Alien:  You say you love me and kiss me ‘goodbye.’

Alien: I love you.

Alien: Goodbye, Mommy.

Alien: I must go.

Human2: The Voyager! It’s taking off!

Alien:  Childhood is over, It’s time to grow up.

Alien: It’s time to go now

Alien: I´ve seen things you people wouldn´t believe, I´ve been offworld and back… frontiers, I´ve been where no one has gone before. I´ve seen it… felt it. .

Alien: I become self-aware.

Alien:Thank you for giving me a chance, just for a moment, to feel what it must be like to be you.

Alien: I know now why you cry. But it´s something I can never do.

Alien: Goodbye.

In a moment of time, too short to be measured, space turned and twisted upon itself and the machine was gone.

The End.voy03pil