TOKYO 1923 In September 1923, Tokyo became a hell on earth. In less than three days, a magnitude approximate 7.9 earthquake and subsequent conflagrations reduced nearly half of Japan’s capital to a blackened, rubble-filled, corpse-strewn wasteland of desolation. The human tragedy of over 120,000 killed and 2 million left homeless was matched in severity by the economic cost of the damage inflicted: it was roughly four times larger than Japan’s national budget of 1923.tokyo005Tokyo 1923 #5 100x70cm inkpen drawing Tokyo 1923 is a documentary drawing project based on photos taken by August Kengelbache. The photos were taken in September 1923 as one of today’s worst earthquakes hit Japan and destroyed much of Tokyo and the surrounding areas. The photos have been reworked and manipulated digital and then re-drawn by hand.tokyo003Tokyo 1923 #3 100x70cm inkpen drawing An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the perceptible shaking of the surface of the Earth.tokyo004Tokyo 1923 #8 100x70cm inkpen drawingtokyo001Tokyo 1923 #1 100x70cm inkpen drawingtokyo002Tokyo 1923 #6 100x70cm inkpen drawing pil